Who We Are

Kiwifruit New Zealand ("KNZ") was established on April 1, 2000, under the Kiwifruit Industry Restructuring Act 1999 ('Act') and Kiwifruit Export Regulations 1999 ('Regulations').

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The Regulations gave Zespri a unique position in the kiwifruit industry as the "single desk" exporter of New Zealand grown kiwifruit to all countries other than Australia, with opportunity for other exporters to export in collaboration with Zespri.  While the Zespri "single desk" supports the industry to meet the global market demands through certainty of quality and supply, it also creates a number of risks such as captured supply, and industry dominance.

KNZ has three key functions:

  1. Issue Export Authorisation to Zespri;
  2. Monitor and enforce mitigation measures; and
  3. Regulate collaborative marketing.

Export Authorisation

KNZ grants an Export Authorisation to Zespri.  The authorisation enables Zespri to export kiwifruit on the terms and conditions that are set out in the authorisation.  The Export Authorisation also details how KNZ may take enforcement action against Zespri if KNZ considers Zespri has not complied with its legislative obligations.

Monitor and enforce mitigation measures

KNZ's role is to ensure the regulatory protections (mitigation measures) in place to balance this risk are monitored and enforced.  There are four mitigation measures that KNZ is responsible for monitoring and enforcing - the non-discrimination rule, the prior notice rule, the non-diversification rule and the information disclosure requirements.

Regulate Collaborative Marketing

KNZ is the collaborative marketing decision maker under a scheme which provides an opportunity for others to export New Zealand grown kiwifruit in collaboration with Zespri.  KNZ determines, monitors, and enforces the collaborative marketing requirements detailed in the Regulations.  This includes Zespri's collaborative marketing obligations and the collaborative marketing application process.

KNZ's Scope

KNZ's functions and responsibilities are set out in the Regulations.  KNZ does not have a general supervisory role in the Kiwifruit industry, or of Zespri.  KNZ is prohibited from carrying out any commercial activity and does not operate to make a profit.

Our business model is that of a truly independent professional regulator.  Our independent decision making is protected by statute and our governance structure.  The Regulations created KNZ as a body corporate of six members (a chair and five directors) who serve for three year terms.  KNZ is based at 81 Girven Road, in Mount Maunganui.  Contact us here.