Official Information Act (OIA)

KNZ is subject to the Official Information Act 1982 (OIA).  The OIA gives New Zealanders the right to request official information.

Requesting information

The law about access to official information is found in the Official Information Act 1982 (‘OIA’). KNZ is established by the Kiwifruit Export Regulations 1999 and is subject to the OIA. The Ministry of Justice is required to keep a centralised Directory of all central Government organisations covered by the OIA and KNZ’s details can be found at the following link 20230417-OIA-directory-J-L.pdf (

As part of its functions and responsibilities KNZ authorises the export of kiwifruit (other than for Australia), determines collaborative marketing applications and monitors and enforces the Kiwifruit Export Regulations 1999. 

KNZ’s records include Board papers, collaborative marketing export applications, approvals and results, complaint decisions and monitoring and enforcement activity. Documents relating to KNZ’s decision-making processes include:

• Zespri Group Limited’s Export Authorisation 

• Collaborative Marketing Guidelines 

• Kiwifruit Export Information Disclosure Handbook 

• Compliance Schedule for the Information Disclosure requirements under the Kiwifruit Export Regulations 1999

• Exemptions from the Information Disclosure Regime under Regulation 21 of the Kiwifruit Export Regulations 1999 

• Previous complaint and investigation decisions 25 Publications 

• Annual Report 

• Statement of Intent 

• Collaborative Marketing Results under Regulation 15 of the Kiwifruit Export Regulations 1999. 

If you are looking for information that is not publicly available on the KNZ website you can make an official information request.  To make a request, please email, or write to us with specific details of the information you are looking for, along with your contact details.

Email:  [email protected]

Post:  PO Box 4683, Mount Maunganui South, 3149

Phone:  07 572 3685

KNZ will respond to your request no later than 20 working days after receiving the request.  In some cases we may need to ask for an extension, in which case we will contact you.  KNZ may also charge for Official Information Act requests in accordance with the Ombudsman Guidelines. 

We may need to withhold certain information and are able to do so in accordance with the OIA.  If we need to do this, we will give you reasons why in our response.

To learn how to make an OIA request, and the possible charges involved, please follow the links below.

Published Information

KNZ publish selected information and documents that have been released in response to an OIA request.

We have made this information available to provide additional resources for those seeking information and to improve transparency.  Some of the information displayed will have information withheld in accordance with the OIA.

Response Time

​KNZ is committed to responding to OIA requests as soon as possible within the legislative requirement of 20 working days.

KNZ's average response time for 2022-2023 was 12.5 working days.