Collaborative Marketing

The Kiwifruit Export Regulations 1999 establish Zespri as the sole authorised exporter of New Zealand grown kiwifruit to all markets except Australia.  However, the Regulations do provide for applications to KNZ for the export of kiwifruit, by others, under collaborative marketing arrangements. Export of New Zealand grown kiwifruit to Australia is regulated under the Horticulture Export Authority Act 1987 and is outside KNZ’s jurisdiction. Click here to go to the New Zealand Horticulture Export Authority website

kiwiberry-suppliedA Collaborative marketing arrangement is defined by the Regulations as “an arrangement by which a person may export New Zealand grown kiwifruit in collaboration with Zespri Group Limited”. Collaborative marketing has “the purpose of increasing the overall wealth of New Zealand kiwifruit producers.”

Any person interested in entering into a collaborative marketing arrangement to export kiwifruit, or kiwiberry, in collaboration with Zespri must apply to and obtain the approval of KNZ.
Application guidelines and forms can be downloaded here:

Collaborative Marketing Guidelines

Fruit Return Proposal Form – Kiwifruit

Fruit Return Proposal Form – Kiwiberry

Fee Calculator

In each case it is recommended the Collaborative Marketing Guidelines Document be read first.

Each year KNZ invites collaborative marketing applications.  There are no restrictions on what can be proposed by applicants but the application must show how the purpose of Regulation 24 “increasing the overall wealth of NZ kiwifruit producers” will be achieved.

The collaborative marketing application process and timing is set out in the guidelines.  The application may be approved, subject to reasonable and necessary conditions, or declined.  Approvals are issued in writing.  Reasons for declining an application will be given in writing.

If an application is approved, the collaborative marketing and Zespri will then enter into a contract covering the conditions of the approved arrangement, including for supply of the approved volume of kiwifruit (where supply is from Zespri).

Publication of collaborative marketing results

KNZ is required by Regulations 15 to disclose the identities and results of each approved collaborative marketing arrangement.
Financial information assessing whether net returns to suppliers would have been greater than would have been the case if the approval had not been given, also must be publicly disclosed by KNZ.

Regulation 15 Collaborative Marketing Results

Each year, KNZ publishes information as to the kiwifruit applications received, approved or declined.  Collaborative marketing statistics can be downloaded below:

Collaborative Marketing Statistics