The Regulations create KNZ as a Body Corporate of six members (a Chair and five member/directors) who serve for three year terms.
Producers (owners of land in New Zealand on which kiwifruit is produced for export sale) are eligible to vote in elections to appoint the three Producer elected members, and an election is held each year to elect a member by rotation.  Candidates are nominated by Producers, and there is no restriction on who may be nominated.  Elections are held during August and September.
The other two members, and the Chair, must be independent of the kiwifruit industry, and are appointed by the Minister.
Members can only hold office for three terms, whether consecutive or not.

The KNZ Board generally meets monthly, from February to December inclusive.  The directors also consider and approve collaborative marketing applications and this can consist of KNZ only meetings, hearings and review committees.

From left: Peter Ombler, Neville Harris, Andrew Fenton, Kristy McDonald QC, Colin Olesen, Sarah Paterson